My assistant, Rina and office manager, Eriko

My assistant, Rina and office manager, Eriko

In my words:

In my 19 years of practicing dentistry, there is one thing that I have found to be true of people. People hate the dentist. There are so many reasons for this, and I’m sure, if you are reading this, you have a few of your own. Some have had horrific dental experiences, some people just don’t feel like they can get numb. Others mistrust the dentist and feel that unnecessary work has been done in the past. Many are embarrassed that they haven’t been to the dentist in years, or are just scared of needles. And finally, it’s the ever present financial issue – “I just don’t have enough money to pay for this.”

I have heard all of these concerns and I get it. I have been blessed with success in the field of dentistry because of my ability to listen to the concerns of each of my patients and move forward in a way that assures everyone is pleased.

Dentistry is not just about teeth, dentistry is about people. Dentistry is about the connection between your teeth and the rest of you. Dentistry is, or at least should be, about providing care that improves your overall health and well being. And the challenge of dentistry is to provide it in a comfortable and caring way. A way that might even make you, shockingly, enjoy your visit to the dentist.

The best way to accomplish those challenges is to focus on you, our patient, and give you the time you deserve. For some people that means that we take the time to talk about the connections between oral health and systemic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. For other people it means taking the time to talk about anxiety and understand how we can make you more at ease. For all of our patients it means taking the time to discuss what your needs are and how we are going to address them.

While my ultimate goal is providing the the highest quality dentistry to each one of my patients, I fully realize that there are different ways that people get to a smile that makes them happy. For some, they may have the desire and means to get all their work done in a single appointment. For others, their dental needs may need to be addressed over years.

Many people really don’t need much dental work at all.

My aim is to put aside any of the fears or mistrust you have with the dentist. I know that we can’t be everything to everyone but that is not going to stop me or my staff from trying. Once you come into our practice, you soon see that you are the most important person to me and all the amazing people with whom I surround myself.

I realize how lucky I am to have you as my patient and I will dedicate myself to your smile and your satisfaction.

My wife and kids

My wife and kids

About me:

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology at the University of California, Davis. Upon completion of my Bachelor’s Degree, I attended the University of California, San Francisco, School of Dentistry where I earned my Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree. While attending dental school full time, I also worked for my anatomy professor to support myself (ask me about my cadaver stories).

Next, I made the move to Southern California to be with my college sweetheart, Charmaine. Working first in Ventura, and then purchasing my office in beautiful Simi Valley. After nineteen years in practice, I am still excited about my work and update my knowledge by attending numerous continuing education programs yearly to stay abreast of the latest developments in dentistry and oral health.

When not in the office, I try to spend as much quality time as possible with my kids Ronin and Bebe, who are twelve and eleven years old. Whether its coaching their teams, participating in Indian Guides/Princesses, or just hanging out, my goal is to be the best Dad I can. I also, however, enjoy cooking, eating, fishing, camping, snowbarding, and traveling.